Distant Drum features Foxman of Supernaut (whose debut single I Like It Both Ways reached No.1 in Australia) on lead vocals and guitar, The Nature Strip’s Peter Marley on bass and backing vocals, Big Merino’s Colin Sevitt on drums and When Saturday Comes’ Dom White on guitars.  

The band's vision is to write, record and gig classic alt.rock for today’s ears, with a “bold, infectious, cynical and kind of abandoned.”

It's thrilling to have found such a kinetic group of like-minded musicians to channel these songs through and play them live with,” says Foxman. “, I wanted to get back to groove-driven guitar songs and I wanted to do it with a quality band who have the right chemistry. 

Praying to the Beat was the clear choice for first single – it encapsulates our aim to make relevant but classic alt.rock songs that hold a mirror to the cultural noise, social dysfunction, and strange magic of the world in 2019”.  

The band's third single “Junkies in the Rain”a raucous, euphoric floor filler which goes off without fail at the Sydney 4-piece’s buzzed live shows.